• Image of Mystery Effect Of The Month Club

Gonna change things up a little bit this coming year with a subscription based mystery effect type deal. How I've decided to do it is I will send a paypal invoice for $79+shipping at the begining of every month. I know it's kind of a hefty subsciption when you add it all up, so if you just need a little extra time to pay or want to pass that month just lemme know so I can plan accordingly. I'm not gonna be super hardcore on the rules for all of this. I just want it to be fun and affordable!
These will not be current or past models, but new one off designs and I'm not going to have any extras or reissues of these, so when the run is done they are done 😊
ALL SLOTS FOR JANUARY ARE FILLED, but hit me up through the contact page if you want to get in starting February 1st.

Coming Soon