• Image of Retired Designs

The Cyclops Mono Stutter was the Mad Doctor’s smaller, simpler little brother. All the great vactrol controlled ON/OFF switching of the MD, but stripped down to just the basics. One -RATE control set to a constant 50% ON, 50% OFF ratio.

The Energizer! boost was just that, a boost. No “color” and no frills. Just straight up volume and priced accordingly. How many dB? Who cares! It was more than plenty loud, plenty cheap, and in a box that had Pac-Man and shit on it!

The Hobo Santa started off as a fun one off for a friend who made the raddest Santa image for a band flier. But it was too cool not share!
The circuit was a muff style fuzz using old Russian germanium transistors. Stink, Drunk and Hostility knobs controled the tone, fuzz and volume.
It was kinda gritty, kinda smooth and ridiculously loud. Pretty much everything you'd have wanted in a real life hobo Santa!
These were only be available in a very limited holiday season run!

The Mad Dr. Who Stutter was the same rad effect as the Mad Doctor Stutter but with killer Tom Baker Dr. Who graphics! It was only available in a very limited quantity!

The Blasteroid Fuzz was a straight clone of the elusive Earth Sounds Research Graphic Fuzz. Not many of the real deal working out in the wild so I’m stoked to have put this together. This fuzz was a monster. Loud as can be and the filter added some very rad microphonic wah-ish tones to set it apart from your normal fuzzes. SMASH knob controled the filter, BLAST knob controled the boost. I didn’t make any adjustments or mods to the circuit so it had all the quirks of the original. This thing destroyed on bass. And as one dude said, its "Instant Sabbath Vol. 4"!!! A killer unique vintage fuzz!!!

The Blender was simple. The Blender was effective. The Blender was just what you needed if you're into that sort of thing. The Blender let you add a clean blend to any pedal. It was simple. It was effective. It was just what you needed if you're into that sort of thing.
Input, Output, Send, Receive, knob to the right more clean, knob to the left more blend. It was simple, effective and just what you needed if you're into that sort of thing.

The Orange Cycle was a super fun 8 step square wave sequencer where each step had its own tone frequency control adjustable from high pitch blip to super low buzz and everywhere in between. The -SPEED knob when sped to the max would result in some really neato 80s arcade noises or could be dropped down for some slow and low Atari 2600 lo-fi synth bass riff radness! For even more control the -MASTER TONE would change the pitch of all 8 steps at once! The -FILTER knob was your standard low pass filter control which is helpful in smoothing out those square waves if you’re into that sort of thing. The -VOLUME knob is hopefully self explanatory, and there is also a reset button that when pressed starts the step sequence from the beginning as well as a mute button. This noise box was fun as hell and would have make a nice addition to any noise/drone makers arsenal and could also sync to any synth that outputs a clock signal. Worked awesome with the Korg Monotribe and even with Korg’s SyncKontrol Iphone app!

The Rainbotron was a super fun noise box that utilized 6 cascading LEDs the color of the rainbow to interact with a light sensitive tone control. The main knob controled the speed of LED cycle and placing your hand over it blocked the outside light and let the LEDs take control. But it didn't sound like your normal run of the mill square wave generator. The Rainbotron broke the tone shifts into more melodic notes and the ultra bright LEDs were rad as hell on a dark stage or room. Other features were an ON/OFF combination Volume control and a kill switch. It even came in a sparkly box! You could have been the coolest dude at the noise party with your Rainbotron. I’ve seen it happen!

Ebay is full of simple oscillator box designs homebrewed by the amateur solder soldier. The UFO had those humble origins too, starting with a simple square wave generator and adding a subtle tone control, a knob for pitch and a knob to control a second square wave oscillator to crossmod the main square wave. So you got repeating, stuttering square waves that could dive low and throb some deep bass or be pitched up high for crazy arcade game sounds, or modulated to distort and make the signal more complex. You even had a kill button that you could use to mute the signal at random. What was different about the UFO is that IdiotBox makes it, so it’s RELIABLE and in a metal pedal enclosure so it can take a beating. The sort of instrument you can really WAIL on in the middle of a hot, sweaty, stage-jumping set and not worry it’s gonna fall apart.

The Dimension X Delay totally rules and does exactly what you think it will.
On its own its a standard delay with the ECHO controlling the repeats and the TIME controlling the delay time.
But where this thing gets interesting is the MODULATION control. Click it on and choose between square and triangle wave control over the TIME resulting in sweet warbly, Twilight Zone echoey goodness! Depending on which SHAPE and SPEED setting, it can go from a cool psychedelic leslie type vibe to a creeped out "whats in that old baby carriage in grandma's back bedroom" spookiness!
In keeping with the theme I didn't clean this one up, so its got some dirt and scratch to it in the slower non-modulated speeds. I also left a good chunk of high to infinite repeats on the TIME control for those awesome roaring 50's Sci-Fi sounds that the noise dudes love.
Oh yeah and it glows in the dark too!!!

No knobs, no internal trim pots, no LED, no appologies. Have faith.

The TK421 is the same maximizer circuit I added to the Blower Box to get the LandPhil circuit. It most definitely kicks it up another 3 or 4 quads per channel, but that's really technical talk and doesn't really concern you. All you need to know is that It kicks. It turns. It curls up your belly and makes you wanna freaky deaky. And yes, you need all that bass.

LAZER PHAZER (Limited run of 13)
The Lazer Phazer is an oscillating square wave fuzz. It is very similar to the Lazer Fuzz but with sweeping frequency action! The FREQ knob controls the frequency range, the SPEED knob controls the speed of the sweep and the VOL knob controls the output volume. There is no need to set this Phazer to Stun or Kill because it is hardwired set to RAD!!!

Sold Out