Blower Box Deluxe

Blower Box Deluxe

The Blower Box Deluxe is all the awesomeness of the original Blower Box but with a tighter more mids focused sound and also a parallel mixable clean signal with low pass filter control!
Use at 9, 12 or 18VDC depending on your headroom preference.
DIR is the direct signal volume, PASS is the direct signal low pass filter control (150Hz-10kHz), High is the distortion high tone frequency cut/boost control, LOW is the distortion low tone frequency cut/boost control, DIST is the distortion intensity control and VOL is the distortion volume.
If that extra clean low end is what you dig, then the Blower Box Deluxe is your bag, baby!

Smaller 4.7" x 2.6" x 1.5" 125B sized enclosure, true bypass switching, common 9-18VDC "CENTER NEGATIVE" 2.1mm BOSS style power input and battery snap. Current draw 6mA. Power supply not included.

"WOW! This is a Great Pedal!! On my first run through I got so into playing that I forgot about the food in the oven and almost ruined dinner! Hahaha
Sounds great in standard tuning and in Drop D (where I spend most of my time) Works with all my pedals (pre and post). Clean mix with sweepable Filter is AWESOME! Let's you dial it in just right for every situation. Sounds F'N HUGE running MXR Bass Octave Deluxe before or my EBS Octabass after. And takes Envelope Filters and Wah perfect!! Very distinct sound. Different than my Abominable or Dunwich Volt Thrower....And every bit as devastating! A definite keeper." -Joel T. (Florida)

"I don't know why you didn't do this direct signal thing sooner, but this is just divine. Somehow you made my favorite bass overdrive even better." -Eric S. (New Hampshire)

"I can say as much as I liked the original, I like this one even more! Sounds huge!" -Erik E. (North Carolina)

"WOW does this thing slaughter at 18v!" -Nathan A. (New Hampshire)

"Holy fuck dude! This thing gives me the chills. Does everything from sleazy low gain blues to a doom metal tone that sounds like the fabric of the universe is being ripped apart. Finally found a bass distortion with a blend knob that does what it's supposed to do and doesn't sound like a distorted bass played over a clean bass. The blend on this adds as much low end as you can handle and just sounds right. This pedal just knocked three other dirt pedals off my board. I think I'm going to order a second one. One for an always on tone and one to cause capillary blood vessels to burst. Thanks for building this thing. It's a masterpiece." -Joe K. (Michigan)

"The BB Deluxe is awesome! Plenty of low end, not muddy. Overall, more focused and controlled over the original. I find it more responsive to playing dynamics, and it seems to get along with my wah pedal much better. The added clean volume and LPF is a massive plus. You goddam nailed it!!" -Steve J. (Washington)

"Got the pedal situated on my board and can confidently say it's not coming off any time soon. Sounds phenomenal with all my basses, even when I tune the 5 to drop A...I love dirt pedals with a lot of tone shaping options, and this is no exception! The BBD clearly has a signature voice and flavor, but the high, low, and low-passed blend controls really let you shape it. The BBD really excels at high gain distortion where I can dial in (for lack of a better term) some gank (like the opposite of djent) all while having that fat clean bottom end supporting...thanks for building such a cool pedal! -Jacob P. (Los Angeles)

"I am absolutely BLOWN away by the new Blower Box Deluxe. I already have an OG that I love, but the idea of a blend and low pass filter seemed like it would be great. After getting it and plugging it for the first time, I thought it was cool but was not entirely blown away in comparison to the OG. Fast forward a couple days later I decide to use it with 18v. HOLY SMOKES. Totally different animal - absolutely INCREDIBLE. The mid range, headroom and clean up is so much better than the OG. Just wanted to share this with you!!" -Mariful A. (Tonronto, Canada)

"I finally got to plug my bass in and play your blower box deluxe pedal and I absolutely love it!! The richness of the mid tones, the overall tightness of the sound, and the smoothness of the distortion absolutely rules! Thanks for making this killer bestial beast." -Toli H. (Australia)

"Last week I stopped into Coast Sonic in Carlsbad, California with a list of 3-4 rat clones I wanted to try out for my bass. No matter how much I liked the sound, I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't do much to stop my low end from dropping out. I told the guy who worked there, and he went in back and told me to try out the Blower Box Deluxe. Blew me away. Explosive at pretty much all gain levels, great, GREAT tone controls; this thing rocks. I bought it immediately and have been jamming on it for hours every day since." -Joshua B. (California)