Everything I make has a lifetime warranty.  Just hit me and we'll get it worked out.  


If you end up using a wrong power supply or spill beer, etc. or even bought it used and it doesn't work, I will usually fix it for no charge.  Just be cool about it and maybe throw in a few bucks for return shipping, or maybe some cool band merch or an old action figure or something and I'll take care of it.  I'd much rather have it back on your board than in a box in your closet.


I don't accept returns/offer refunds just because you "don't like it", ended up finding it used for cheaper or did a little late night drunk buying (which is super fun) and now you're partner is pissed.  I would never do that to you so please figure all of that out before you buy direct from me.  If a return policy is a comfort that you absolutely must have please hit up one of my retail dealers that offers one.


If I don't have a build time listed in the purchase pull down tab then that means that I either have some built up already or at least have some pretty close to being completed that I can crank them out in a couple of days.

If I have a build time listed, please take that with a grain of salt :)  Sometimes I can get them out quicker, sometimes it might take a bit longer, sometimes is might even take a BIT longer.  Being one dude who does EVERYTHING three people should be doing is tough sometimes, especially around and after the holidays.  I work 7 days a week to try and keep up.  If you're feeling like its been too long or you're just really stoked and anxious to get it, then just hit me up about it.  I'm a cool dude :)