The Blackout is a double muff. Not one into the other, but mixed parallel. Each has its own separate FUZZ, TONE and OUTput controls. The top fuzz circuit has the traditional muff tone control where the bottom one has more of a mid boost/scoop control.
This thing is a sonic beast and capable of getting a much wider range of sounds than a traditional or modified single muff. Sounds massive on bass and killer on guitar and has a rad black on black color scheme.

Smaller 4.7" x 2.6" x 1.5" 125B sized enclosure, true bypass switching, common 9-12vdc center negative BOSS style power input and battery snap. Power supply not included.

"Dude, this thing is NUUUUTS. I can’t even decide where to begin there are so many sounds." -Daniel C. (Tennessee)

"It's definitely a knob experimenter! So many different fuzz tones in that sumbitch!" -Bob L. (Kentucky)

"The Blackout is AMAZING!!! I've been a huge muff fan for a long time, and the Blackout is an awesome take on it. THICKAF sounds and being able to unscoop the mids is great on bass!!" -Dion S. (Minnesota)

"That Blackout pedal is PERFECT. I can get just the tone I want."
-Bobby B. (Texas)

"Bandmates are jealous, friends are jealous, I've never had a bass tone this good. This thing is amazing and it's going to be with me at every practice, gig and noodling-session that my bass attends. +10 sludgy/crust points for our sound and a 5/5 rating for you and your work. This will not be the last pedal I buy from you." -Jacob R. (New Jersey)

"I gotta say that it totally SLAYS on bass! Such massive low-end, while still getting amazing sizzle and saturation. And when I ran my bass + octave down into it, it sounded like the end of the world (in the best way possible)." _Jeremy W. (Rhode Island)