Dark Tides Chorus

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Dark Tides Chorus

This was one from my Mystery Effect series but I just dig it WAY too much to let it be a super limited thing!
The Dark Tides isn't a typical chorus. A normal chorus is a mix of the direct signal with a modulated version of that signal. The Dark Tides when engaged has no direct signal but is two modulated versions of the origninal signal: One non-inverted, the other inverted. Each has separate "DEPTH" and "LEVEL" controls but both are modulated using the same LFO "SPEED" control.
The left side is a little less extreme in the depth compared to the right side so this one is defnitely a knob tweaker with all kinds of "chorus" type sounds possible. Or mute one side and it's a killer modulated pitch bender!

4.72" x 3.71" x 1.33" 1590BB sized enclosure, true bypass switching, common 9vdc center negative BOSS style power input. Current draw ?mA. Power supply not included.

"Received and it’s perfect! I love this thing so much! Already recording with it ❤️" -David J. (Pennsylvania)

"The last thing I need is another chorus — but now that I have the Dark Tides I guess I’ll have to unload some of my other chorus pedals. haha" -Sean T. (Hawaii)