Flash Stutter Deluxe

Flash Stutter Deluxe

The Flash Stutter Deluxe is a frankenstein of the original Flash Stutter and the original Mad Doctor Stutter but with an added volume boost. With this new version CHOP controls the ratio of the ON/OFF from less OFF/more ON to less ON/more OFF. SPEED controls the ON/OFF speed which can also be controled with an expression pedal plugged into the expression input jack. BOOST adds extra volume to make up for the perceived volume decrease typical of most effects of this type. The other upgrade is both latching and momentary switches so you can kick it on for the long haul or just pop it for a quick burst!
So plug this sucker in and prepare to save the Universe. FLASH! AHHHHHHH!!!

4.72" x 3.71" x 1.33" 1590BB sized enclosure, true bypass switching, common 9vdc center negative BOSS style power input. Current draw ?mA. Power supply not included.