Liquid Heat Delay Booster

Liquid Heat Delay Booster

The Liquid Heat is a delay, treble boost and overall boost rolled into one! DELAY and REPEAT control the delay time and regeneration. LEVEL controls the delay/clean blend ratio. TREBLE controls the treble boost section and BOOST controls the overall boost volume. Oh yeah and the delays trail when turned off 😎
It's here to meet all of your delay, treble and boosting needs.

Smaller 4.7" x 2.6" x 1.5" 125B sized enclosure, true bypass switching, common 9VDC "CENTER NEGATIVE" 2.1mm BOSS style power input. Current draw 30mA. Power supply not included.

"Yeah man Liquid Heat is permanently in the chain. I'm running into a few solid state combos at the same time with "stereo" outs from a chorus, a delay, and an extra from a Digitech PedalVerb. Liquid Heat is in the delay line hitting a built in od/distortion circuit. I was trying to push it with Repo Man but this thang is absolute sonic magic for that set up. Brightens it, fills it out, pushes it like it was always supposed to be there. The presence in the two boosts jumps out like !wow! every time I hit that switch. Having the delay circuit(noon for some slapback) in there is some mad genius. You've got some kick ass focus going with the ears. Bringing it to life for real!" -Chris Q. (Illinois)

"So you probably already know this, but the Liquid Heat is, like, secret-weapon tone. I’d grabbed it mostly for the boosts to juice a Plexi and the delay sounds ace, as usual, but if you turn the Delay and Repeat all the way down and turn Level, Treble and Boost all the way up, it’s got a micro-slapback that’s straight Ænima. 🙂‍↔️" -Sam W. (North Carolina)