Mystery Effect Of The Month Club 2019

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Mystery Effect Of The Month Club 2019

Well that was a hell of an endeavor. 12 original new effects one a month for a whole year and I "almost" made it on schedule!
ROBOFUZZ used a voice changer chip for out there robotic fuzz.
RESONANT VIBRATO gave sweeping volume and resonance.
SPACE MOD-DELAY-TOR could take you to another planet with modulated delay.
REDRUM was a full throttle RAT running through a maxed out HM-2 tone stack.
SAMPLE RATE SWEEPER was a lo-fi modulating bit crusher.
SUPERCOLATOR was a smash up of a Harmonic Percolator and Super Fuzz.
RANDOM SOUNDULATOR did exactly what you think it would.
SWITCHEROO was a Super Fuzz only controllable with a series of switches.
COP OUT was a dual resonant "cocked wah" filter with boost.
SEA LEGS used an LDR and digital delay chip to warble the input signal.
THING ONE was a tremolo with switchable square or triangle wave shape.
THING TWO was a multiple wave shape/tempo generator to control Thing One.

"What an awesome build! It exceeded all of my expectations. I just wanted to say thank you for this opportunity and for making the experience so affordable. I'm really excited about the club and appreciate the insane amount of work it must take to make it happen. Rock on." -J. Reeves (Colorado)

"These Mystery Pedals are amazing. When I have more time I'm going to write some quote-worthy reviews, something better than just, "AWESOME!" -Jason C. (California)

"The Space mod-delay-tor arrived yesterday. Lots of fun! Another awesome whacko pedal. :)" -Andrew C. (Canada)

"This (Random Soundulator) is seriously fricking awesome. I could score an entire movie with this. I’ve been playing it for like three hours straight." -Dustin B. (Kansas)

"Just wanted to say I received the sea legs pedal and its awesome! I never played anything like it. If that type of experimentation is what I get to look forward to with the mystery pedals, then I'm all in. Very pleased a lot if fun!" -David B. (Virginia)

"I want to say that your designs/builds hold their own next to the fancy-schmancy pedals. The Redrum, Random Soundulator, Sea Legs, Robofuzz -- these are winners at any price point. No, your stuff doesn't have blend controls, 3-band eq, or tap tempo, but it is just as musical as anything out there. Your stuff is on my board(s) next to the Big Boys." -Sean T. (Hawaii)

"Ahoy! the Thing One and the Thing Two arrived. Right on! So many possibilities.. and Thing Two plays well with others; in particular my Colorsound Flanger.
Well done! Lots of fun." -Andrew C. (Canada)